Iftar Breakfast: Pastors join Muslims in breaking fast to strengthen love bond in Kaduna

Some clergies of the Christian faith has in a bid to strengthen peaceful coexistence and bond of residents in Kaduna State, joined the Muslim faithful during their Iftar breakfast.

TrillerTunes understands that Kaduna State is one among many states in the country that has recorded a series of religious crisis. However, in other to make way for religious tolerance and better understanding among them, a group of Christian clergies in the state visited homes of Islamic scholars to join them in breaking interfaith Ramadan Iftar breakfast.

Speaking during the Iftar breakfast, leader of the Team, General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna, Pastor Yohanna Buru, revealed that he has been joining top Nigerian Islamic scholars in breaking interfaith Ramadan Iftar breakfast for the past eleven years, just to promote religious tolerance across the 36 states of Nigeria.

Buru confirmed also that he had visited the Niger Republic and other neighbouring countries to promote peaceful coexistence between the two major religions in Nigeria.

TrillerTunes understands that the recent visitation was also aimed at encouraging Christian-Muslim relationship in the state, to further strengthen peaceful co-existence and ties, religious tolerance, forgiveness among Nigerians, and also to spread the message of peace, unity and to shun all forms of ethnoreligious, political and regional differences.

Accompanied by Reverend Paul and John Moses and other church members to the house of Mallam Rilwanu Abdullahi at Kakuri-Makera, Kaduna South, Pastor Buru pointed out that Iftar gives ‘the opportunity to promote interfaith activities and spread the message of peace and better understanding, so as to live in peace and harmony with all mankind.’

He added, “This year 2021, is my second Iftar Ramadan interfaith breakfast between Muslims and Christians,”

Buru disclosed further that he usually visits top Nigerian Muslim leaders and scholars yearly, including the Sultan of Sokoto, Dr. Sa’ad Abubakar 111; Shiekh Dahiru Bauchi, Shiekh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, Shiekh Salihu Mai-Barota, Shiekh Ibrahim Yaya, Alaramma Abdulrahman Mohammed Bichi during the Ramadan.

His statement reads further: “We came with our clerics so as to build a good relationship with Muslims and our religious teachers.

“We must love our neighbours the Muslims. That is why we are here to join them in celebrating the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan and to urge them to rededicate their lives to the worship of Allah,”

Pastor Buru said the country is at this time battling the dreaded COVID-19 pandemics, hence the need to join hands with every stakeholder and pray for peace stability in the country.

The pastor further disclosed that Christian leaders every year go to prison and bail-out some Muslim brothers, “so they can do their fasting at home with friends and family like every other person, and also attend Tafsir to learn together” and they are also planning to do that this year.”

He said: “We must do everything to promote peace and unity among mankind across the world”

“We are created under one God”.

“God created us to be in relationship with all human beings irrespective of his or her tribe, culture, religion, colour, size, region and continent.”

According to the General Overseer, the Interfaith Iftar strengthen the bond of friendship and also promoting unity among the different faith-based organizations in the state, and this would help in tackling religious extremism and hatred among Kaduna citizens.

The clergy, however, stated categorically that joining Muslims in breaking Ramadan Iftar breakfast doesn’t change his religion. He encouraged other Christian leaders to find ways of strengthening interfaith activities.

Responding, Mallam Rilwanu Abdullahi, who is one of the National president (beyond the Border of disability in Nigeria ) expressed satisfaction over the visit and Thank all the Christian clerics that joined him in breaking the Ramadan Iftar Breakfast with the aims of promoting peace and unity among Nigerians

Rilwanu said, peace is all we need in Nigeria and all over the world, stressing that only God can reward pastor Yohanna for the good intention of promoting peace in the country

He ended by saying, There is a need for Muslims to immensely emulate such gestured which is aimed at uniting the people and this would help in reducing ethnoreligious, political clashes bedevilling peace stability in the country

“We need peace all over the world,” he reiterated. TrillerTunes understands that there were some exchange of gifts by the two bodies at the end of the visitation.

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