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IYO – Tim Godfrey Ft. SMJ & Emeka (Mp3 and Lyrics)

Nigerian music singer Tim Godfrey releases a powerful tune titled, “Iyo” featuring SMJ & Emeka .

Download Iyo mp3 by Tim Godfrey ft. SMJ & Emeka

Tim Godfrey ft. SMJ & Emeka – Iyo Mp3 Download

IYO Lyrics by Tim Godfrey Ft. SMJ & Emeka

{Iyo, yo, yo} [x3]

[Verse 1] For many times you dey bless me
For many doors, you are opening
When I’m sick
You are my healer
When I’m down
You are my lifter
Even when I call
You dey answer
Nara ekele’ mjiri bia

[Chorus] {Iga sim’ ekele ya (x3)
Obu gi gemerem Ihe onemere muo} [x2]

{Iyo, yo, yo (x3)
Nara ekele’ mjiri bia} [x2] [Chants] Okwa’imana onye Chukwu Goziri
Ogiwo ya
(Who God bless is Blessed)
Onye Chukwu tinyere nelu
Onye ga’ edokwa gi nala
(Who God lifts up,
No one can bring down)
(Egwu diya, egwu, egwu diya)

[Verse 2] {My God talk and do
Jehovah over do
If no be for you
Tell me, wetin I for do} [x2]

{You’ve done so much for me
I cannot tell it all
You dey always stand by me
You no dey let me fall oh} [x2] [Repeat Chorus] [Chants] [Outro] {Iyo, yo, yo
Iyo, yo, yo
Iyo, yo, yo
Nara ekele’ mjiri bia}

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